Grades 3–5 Activities

Activities for grades 3–5 (ages 8–10) offer fun and engaging ways to expand children’s understanding of how recycling affects our environment and include an inside look at what happens at a recycling center. Each activity stands alone, so you can have children do one, two, or all three.

All materials have been carefully developed by teachers with age-appropriate vocabulary and visuals:

  • Watch & Listen videos about recycling and what household items can be recycled
  • Quick-Start Challenges such as a puzzle or game
  • Active Learning Together activities that one or more family members can participate in with the child
Child recycing

Watch & Listen

5-10 minutes

Introduction to Recycling

Introduce recycling and the three easy steps to recycling correctly with this brief age-appropriate video. Parent tips provide ideas for discussing the video with your child.

Discussion Questions

Child recycling cardboard

Quick-Start Challenge

10-15 Minutes

Become a Recycling Detective

Using the worksheet, have your child explain what we need to do to make these items ready for recycling.

Worksheet Answer Key

Example handout

Active Learning Together

15-30 Minutes

Before and After

Deepen your child’s understanding of how recycling benefits the environment by turning recycled materials into new products. You and your child will watch a slideshow presentation, “Before and After,” to find out what things can be made from recycled paper and cardboard, metal cans, and plastic bottles.

Slides Worksheet Answer Key

Example documents