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We believe everyone can make a difference in their communities by becoming better recyclers. Below are some resources you can use to help spread the message.

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Includes photography, graphics and illustrations that help to educate readers and viewers about the do's and don'ts of recycling.

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An HD video that includes footage of recycling centers, recycling best practices and recycling services that can easily be integrated into your stories to tell more compelling stories about recycling basics.

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Recent Coverage

American cities confront a 'slow-moving recycling crisis'

(CBS News, March 20, 2019)

Inside Republic's recycling messaging, and an Arizona MRF, with two VPs

(Waste Dive, Feb. 14, 2019)

Why Amazon’s new streamlined packaging is jamming up recycling centers

(Washington Post, Feb. 11, 2019)

Rethink, Retool, Then Recycle?

(, Jan. 28, 2019)

The Great Plastic Cleanup — and How to Profit From It

(Barron's, Jan. 24, 2019)

Holiday Trash Surge Makes Matters Worse for Struggling Recyclers

(Bloomberg, Dec. 4, 2018)

U.S. is creating 25% more trash over the holidays

(Yahoo Finance, Nov. 30, 2018)

How China's Crackdown on Scrap Imports Hits Recycling

(Bloomberg TV, Nov. 29, 2018)

Recycling business model getting trashed

(CNBC, Oct. 31, 2018)

Republic Services CEO says recycling has become a 'broken' system

(CNBC, Oct. 31, 2018)

Republic Services says new, more expensive recycling model is paying off

(Waste Dive, Oct. 26, 2018)

Why the world's recycling system stopped working

Subscription Required (Financial Times, Oct. 25, 2018)

Curbside Recycling Under Threat as Costs Soar

(Bloomberg, Sept. 14, 2018)

Why Recycling May Be Going to Waste in the U.S.

(Today Show “Sunday Spotlight,” Sept. 2, 2018)

U.S. Recycling Companies Face Upheaval from China Scrap Ban

(Wall Street Journal, Aug. 2, 2018)

With China Saying No to Plastic Waste, the World Needs a New Plan

(NBC News, June 25, 2018)

Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

(New York Times, May 29, 2018)

Local Coverage

Are you sure you can recycle that?

(News 4 JAX, April 22, 2019)

¿Quieres reciclar? Te enseñamos cómo hacerlo adecuadamente

(Univision 34 Los Angeles, April 22, 2019)

Up Your Recycle Game — Five Common Mistakes and Quick Solutions

(City Sun Times, April 20, 2019)

¿Reciclas bien? Comprueba que no caes en los 5 errores típicos de quien recicla

(La Opinion, April 20, 2019)

Republic Services rises from the ashes

(Plano Star Courier, April 9, 2019)

How To Recycle Better: 5 Common Mistakes We All Make

(KTVT CBS News (Fort Worth, TX), April 9, 2019)

Where Does My Trash Go?

(Plano Magazine, March 19, 2019)

How A New Policy In China Has Led To A Recycling Crisis In Mass.

(WBUR-FM Boston, March 19, 2019)

Suburban Philly recycling programs address challenges as they settle into ‘new normal’

(WHYY-FM Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 2019)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Resolve to be a Better Recycler in 2019

(Green Living AZ, Jan. 20, 2019)

Recycling in U.S. took a big hit from China, but waste companies still encourage it

(Arizona Republic, Jan. 18, 2019)

Out With the Old Gadgets, in With the New: How to Recycle E-waste

(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Jan. 15, 2019)

There's an increasing cost when people don't follow rules for curbside recycling

(KYW-AM Newsradio, Jan. 7, 2019)

Recycling rule No. 1: Keep it clean

(La Salle News Tribune, Jan. 5, 2019)

What You Should and Shouldn’t Recycle After Christmas

(NBC Philadelphia, Dec. 26, 2018)

How to Have an EcoFriendly Holiday

(Q13 Fox, Dec. 20, 2018)

Incitan a hacer mejor labor a la hora de reciclar

(Hola News, Nov. 21, 2018)

The state of recycling

(Arizona PBS, Nov. 15, 2018)

China’s Trash, Phoenix’s Treasure

(Phoenix Magazine, Dec. 2018)

Living Green: Room for improving our recycling habits

(Las Vegas Now, Nov. 14, 2018)

Republic Services hits the streets to test The Valley's recycling knowledge

(Las Vegas Now, Nov. 14, 2018)

Conozca cuáles son los principales errores al reciclar su basura

(Univision Arizona, Nov. 12, 2018)

Nevada Recycling Programs Squeezed as Trade Dynamics Trickle Down, Customer Behavior Trickles Up

(The Nevada Independent, Aug. 30, 2018)

After Losing China as Market for Recycled Paper, Recycling Companies and Municipalities Forced to Adjust

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 29, 2018)

Why Recycling is Now a Money Loser, Not a Moneymaker for Philly

(Philadelphia Inquirer, July 23, 2018)

Arizona cities are actually trashing things you think you're recycling

(Arizona Republic, July 4, 2018)