Grades 9–12 Activities

Activities for grades 9–12 (ages 14–17) give teens a greater understanding of the relationship between recycling and our environment. Each activity stands alone, so you can have your teen do one or both.

All materials have been carefully developed by teachers with age-appropriate vocabulary and visuals:

  • Watch & Listen videos about recycling and what household items can be recycled
  • Active Learning Together activities that one or more family members can participate in with the teen
Teenager engaged in conversation

Watch & Listen

5-10 Minutes

Recycling and Our Environment

Reinforce the importance of recycling in protecting the environment and the 3 easy steps for recycling correctly with this brief age-appropriate video. Parent tips provide ideas for discussing the video with your teen.

Discussion Questions

Students studying

Active Learning Together

15 Minutes

What Happens Inside a Recycling Center?

Have your teen take a video tour of a recycling center and learn about the unique kinds of machinery used to sort recyclables.

Recycling center in action

Quick-Start Challenge

15-30 Minutes

How Are Modern Landfills Built?

Take a video tour of a modern landfill and learn about how landfills are designed and maintained to protect the environment. Discuss what you’ve learned together.

Worksheet Answer Key

Workers discussing