Become a leader in recycling

These resources keep recycling simple and effective.

Quick Reference Guide

Here’s a chart that makes it easy to quickly identify the right – and wrong – materials for your curbside recycling customers.

Example of quick reference guide


Share any of these four brochures that include how to avoid contamination, the recycling process, recycling tips & tricks, and a general overview for everything you need to know to be a better recycler.

Example of brochure


Hang these posters in your home, office, or business to help determine which items go in recycling or waste.

Recycling poster in building

Direct Mail Postcards

These informative postcards can be used alone or as part of a larger recycling education campaign.

Example of direct mail postcard

Bill Insert

Add this to your municipal services bill to teach and remind residents about the simple steps to effective recycling.

Example of bill insert

Recycling Container Labels

Prominently display these labels on recycling containers as a continuous reminder of acceptable and unacceptable materials.

Example of recycling container label

Recycling Container Tags

Use these easy-to-attach tags to remind residents which items are recyclable and which ones should never get put in their curbside containers or inform them of changes to their containers.

Example of recycling container tag

Door Hangers

These helpful pieces let residents know how easy it is to recycle and that they can now find a convenient reminder right on their container.

Example of door hanger

Print Advertising

Reach and teach a wide variety of customers with these full, half, and quarter page advertisements.

Magazine example

Outdoor Advertising

Use these billboards and bus stop graphics as a campaign or individually to teach your customers about recycling.

Example of a billboard

Email Marketing

Share quick tips, announcements, and everything your customers need to know about how to become a good recycler. These can be used as part of a campaign or integrated into your pre-determined communication schedules.

Example of an eblast on a phone

Looking for More Resources?

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